A Lego Store Birthday

By Alyssa Green

As a mom of 2 boys, I have lived and breathed Legos for several years now.  So, it was no surprise that when my eight year old’s birthday rolled around, he wanted to have his birthday party at the Lego store.  No problem, I thought.  Several years ago a friend of his had her birthday party at the Lego Store at Arden Fair Mall and it was fun and seemed simple enough…

So, I went online to find out the details (cost) of having a party at the Lego Store and was dismayed to find out that they no longer host birthday parties.  I was going to have one dissappointed little boy.  But then I spotted something that peaked my interest and perked me right up.  Perhaps all was not lost afterall.

While it’s true that the Lego Store no longer hosts exclusive birthday parties, they actually host something that works just as well.  Monthly Lego Club meetings held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, 1 hour before the store opens.  What does this mean?  Well, you can probably guess that we gathered all 6 six of my son’s in-town cousins and marched right over to Arden Fair Mall at 9am on a Saturday morning. 

With each boy donned in exclusive Lego t-shirts (part of the Lego Club membership,) about 15 kids (20 is the max)  had the Lego Store all to themselves for 1 whole hour including free reign of a large amount of lego building bricks and supplies to build with.  The club members were split into four teams, given a theme and with the help of fun store employees, competed with one another to build (in this case) the best Lego Space Station ever!  The employees did a fantastic job of letting each of the teams gush about what they built and they all got a round of applause. 

At the end of the hour, space stations were dismantled, bricks cleaned up and each child was given a gift bag with a small lego set, a new lego magazine and some coupons for future use.  And I’m not going to lie to you, Legos were also purchased (great deal for the Lego Store!)  At this point, the fun is over.  Unless of course, it happens to be your birthday! 

Our group headed right over to the Food Court which is mere steps away from the Lego Store and we all enjoyed a piece of yummy Lego birthday cake (courtesy of my fabulous sister.)  A fun time was had by all, even if we did allow our kids to eat birthday cake at 10 in the morning.  And the best part for the birthday boy’s parents?  No set up, no clean up, party over and done with in 2 hours – with happy kids to boot.  Ah, this is the way birthday parties are suppose to be!

***This photo caught all the boys with their mouth full, except my goofball son on the right – the birthday boy.  But the real point of this photo is to show you the super cool Lego brick cake.  Can you see it in the background?  Sorry, this is as good as it gets***

Click here for Arden Fair Lego Store’s monthly Lego Club calendar.

10 thoughts on “A Lego Store Birthday

  1. This looks like a great idea! But when I looked up the Lego Club, it is $25/child! Is that a new fee or did you somehow get a reduced rate?

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  3. I too was a parent of a “lego enthusiast” who was disappointed when Birthday Parties were no longer an option……..so I opened a Bricks4Kidz Franchise in Sacramento and have been begun having parties and classes at our Creativity Center at 3908 J Street. Please check out our website bricks4kidz.com or call me 916-812-3264 and we can plan a great party together!!

  4. I came across this accidentally, happily accidentally. My son would love to do this for his birthday. Thank you for sharing a fabulous idea! I too was saddened to learn that they stopped having bday parties at the Lego store. What a wonderful alternative and it sounds better than the bday parties they offered.

    • From one lego man’s mom to another – I’m so glad you found us! I hope your son enjoys his “lego” party as much as mine did!


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