Walk the Line Along the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom


What to do on a beautiful, sunny winter afternoon with rambunctious kids?  Take a hike, bike ride or run along one of our many trails.
Recently, the kids had a day off of school so we decided to “Walk the Line” and check out the new Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom.

Now I know that everyone is familiar with the legendary singer and his visit to Folsom in 1968. If you are not familiar with the “Folsom Prison Blues”- then check out Amazon music and download it for your trip along the trail.

Still a work in progress, the Johnny Cash Trail will be an interactive art trail honoring the late Cash.
Plans for the trail include a three-acre park, with an amphitheater.  Along the trail, there will be sculptures and statures highlighting the life and music of the famous singer.  Currently, there are only landmarks dictating where the art will go, but it’s a beautiful trail none the less.

The paved, multi-use trail welcomes bikers, walkers and runners along the 3 mile loop. To access the trail, you can begin at the Folsom Historic District and follow it up to the Folsom Lake Crossing.
We began our walk at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, ventured through the Folsom park and hopped along the trail from there.  We walked along the trail that had views of the historic prison, Folsom lake, and some beautiful grass lands.  My kids suggested that next time we explore the trail on bikes and do a longer loop.  But, for our first time, it was a nice walk with plenty of space for walkers and bikers to share the road.

If you are looking to visit this trail, it’s really quite an easy walk. We are hoping the art on the trail will be completed by Fall at which point we will download our music and sing along to the “Man in Black” while we get some exercise and learn a little about the famous Folsom Prison and the singer who put Folsom on the map.

By Heather Crivellone




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