Your Child Can Become a Chef for the Night at Sacramento’s Cafe Napoli


When you ask kids what they want to be when you grow up, most likely you hear answers that resemble “policeman, firefighter, dancer, super hero, doctor, etc.”.

At the age of 4, my daughter firmly responded “a baker” when asked this question…and six years later, the only slight change to her answer is that she wants to be a chef AND a baker.

Well, to my delight, I found the absolute best place to take her for our Valentine’s Date. Napoli Culinary Institute!

If you are a Sacramento native and have never visited the Napoli kitchen, go online and get your tickets now. This hidden gem is well worth the money and evening spent creating your cuisine. Here’s an interesting little blurb from their website:

“Café Napoli was founded in 1992, by Hassi Sadri. Mr. Sadri’s nationally recognized restaurant, Cafe Napoli appeared on the cover of Pizza Today Magazine in 1993, making the restaurant one of the Top 100 Unique Restaurants In The Nation. Since then, Napoli has received numerous accolades for the Best Restaurant in the Sacramento area. Café Napoli quickly became Sacramento’s premiere hot-spot. It has been the place to go to for mouth-watering gourmet dishes and who to contact for the best event catering in town, having catered everyone from the Governor’s office to exclusive local weddings.”

Of course you can visit and enjoy fresh made pizza’s and baked goods. Or you can jump in and become a chef for the evening and create your own three course meal along with their top chefs. They offer culinary classes that teach you cuisines of the world. Learn how to cook dishes from Italy, the Philippines, China, Africa and more!

We enjoyed one of their Cooking to the Movies series and spent our Friday evening cooking along to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. My daughter enjoyed watching the movie and learning how to create a three course French meal…and especially loved eating the “grey stuff” at the end.

From start to finish, the evening lasted a little more than three hours. When we arrived, we were seated at our table and offered drinks while the movie began to play overhead. Once everyone was seated, the head chef demonstrated what we would be cooking and created a very fun environment for everyone.  Audience participation was a plus, and no matter what type of culinary experience you had, every level was welcome!    IMG_7295

We then proceeded to be broken up into teams and sent into the kitchen to cook our dinner. My daughter was excited to be on the team that was in charge of creating our desserts, her favorite thing to eat!IMG_7299

Once we were finished cooking, we were then settled back into our seats and then served the fruits of our labor while we continued watching the movie.

The food was delicious, the experience was unforgettable and my daughter felt like a chef for the evening. It was one of the best gifts I could give to her.

Napoli Culinary Institute offers kids cooking classes, evening cooking classes and a Cooking to the Movies series. All classes book up fast, so visit their website and choose a class – it may be six months in advance, but it very much worth the wait!

They also offer birthday parties, group parties and corporate team building events. If you are searching for a unique event that everyone can participate in and enjoy, this is it!

Bon Appetite!

By Heather Crivellone




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