Practice your American Ninja Warrior Skills at Free Flow Academy in Rocklin

maxresdefaultWhat kid doesn’t want to run, jump and scale the walls?  American Ninja Warrior has created a fan base that has kids of all ages wanting to compete for the skills to become a ninja and “Beat the Wall”.
Across Sacramento, you can find gyms popping up all over that host acrobatic drills to get you into peak shape and conditioning.
Whether you are doing back handsprings, balancing over bars or using aerial silks to climb to the top of the ceiling, you are sure to get a great workout and sleep well that night!

Free Flow Academy in Roseville has all of the above! Recently, we spent the afternoon during their Open Gym hours to burn off some of the 8-year-old craziness during the middle of the day. My kids ran, climbed, jumped and even took an Aerial Silks class! 

They loved the foam pit that they did cartwheels and back flips into, uneven bars to test their strength and especially the silks to fly through the air.
It was an afternoon that tested their coordination and strength and an afternoon for mama to catch up on plenty of overdue emails!
ad, Suite # 150 in Rocklin.

Open Monday – Friday 12:30-8:30pm and Saturday 12:30-6:30pm.IMG_7482

There are several indoor gymnastics and play areas around Sacramento, but if you are looking for a truly unique and “Ninja” experience- this is it.   Definitely not a place for the younger children (they don’t have bouncy balls or colorful walls) – but for pre-teens and the athletic 8 year olds, this is a great spot to test strength and endurance.

So next time the kids are bouncing off the walls or you see your child trying to do back flips over garbage cans- then check out the Free Flow Academy and maybe your child will be the next “American Ninja Warrior”.



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