Find Inspiration for your Family Travels with Sacramento-based Dramatic Travels

A couple of weeks ago, I spent two full days exhibiting at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show at the Santa Clara Convention Center. On the afternoon of day two, we were approached by Aaron Schlein of Dramatic Travels, a Sacramento native who caught the travel bug early on in life, and now wants to pass on the love of travel to his own kiddos. He also wants to help families like yours and mine on our travel adventures. As a result, he’s created the Dramatic Travels website –, where you’ll get some inspiration on your family travels. Here’s what Aaron has to say about his website and traveling with the fam:

“My aspiration is for to be a trusted resource for the family travel community. I am committed to sharing my honest self and providing value to my Dramatic Travels Family through insight, inspiration, humor, and a strong sense of community.” – Aaron Schlein

And while this is a little embarrassing for me (I prefer to be behind a computer screen writing posts), I’m including this short video from the Travel & Adventure Show as your introduction to Aaron. Be sure to take a look at his website, read his blog, enjoy his videos and pay special attention to his new podcasts. Enjoy!

By Alyssa Green




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