11 thoughts on “Win Tickets: Join Fairytale Town for its Annual Shakespeare-Themed All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Social

  1. I lived in the bay as a child but my children’s favorite memory of Fairy Tale town is the Peter Rabbit hole. They love to run through the other side where is parents are not! 🙂

    • Congratulations, Ryan! You have been chosen as the winner of the family ticket pack to Fairytale Town’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream & Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy for June 23, 2018. Please contact us no later than Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 5pm to claim your tickets. Thank you.

  2. My all time favorite memory is crawling in and out of the big cheese at FTT. My kids love to do the same thing, I guess it’s just fun to be able to crawl in a piece of swiss cheese! 🙂

  3. All time favorite memory… Taking my son to the overnight camp out. Just dad and son, hanging out and getting to play like kids again. A safe place to stay, outdoors camping experience in the fairytale town atmosphere, it was just the best. We have the camp out twice, and I’m planning on it again, but this might be the last time 😦 he is getting older and may not want to go anymore….

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